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Welcome to the Chaos Guide!

Relevant right now

  • The Chaos Guide is currently not maintained as well as it should be, because there's only one person doing it and he's kind of overworked. Please bear with me. The project is not dead.

The goal of this site is to serve as a central hub for decentral information regarding anything and everything that’s related to the Chaos Family, i.e. the Chaos Computer Club and like-minded groups, events, and entities. If you like, find out more about this site.

We’re still pretty new! This site has been started in July. If you think we’re lacking content, we agree! Feel free to contribute! 😉

Unofficial site

While this site is being made by people associated with the CCC for a long time, it is very much a community project. Nothing here is “official” or in any way approved by the CCC.

That being said, the family is way larger than the Club anyway. Don’t mistake anything having “Chaos” in its name to automatically be Club related.