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In order to live up to its goals, the Chaos Guide relies on everyone in the community. You can contribute by adding information, improving existing things, or simply by asking questions!

The Chaos Guide would love to have a logo of some sort. Whether it’s a mashup of the Chaosknoten and The Hitchhiker’s Guide, or some sort of fingerpost, or something else entirely: Got an idea? Get in touch with us! 😊

Miss anything?

The Guide is still a very young project, started in July of 2023. We’d love to add more information, but it would sure help us if we knew what people are actually interested in. 😉

Therefore, if there’s anything you miss, let us know! Really, anything at all. Our goal is to basically be a FAQ site for everything Chaos related, and in order to do that, people need to ask us questions – frequently!

For now, you can either write to on Mastodon, write an email to or create an issue on Codeberg.

We are planning to soon add additional ways to contact us.

Something wrong?

If you found an error in the Guide, please tell us. See the previous section for how to do that.

Or, if you’re tech-savvy enough, feel free to just open a pull request on Codeberg! Patches via email are accepted, too.