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About the Chaos Guide

Let us explain the background of this site a bit, telling you about our goals (and non-goals), team members, content policy and so on.

Unofficial site

While this site is being made by people associated with the CCC for a long time, it is very much a community project. Nothing here is “official” or in any way approved by the CCC.

That being said, the family is way larger than the Club anyway. Don’t mistake anything having “Chaos” in its name to automatically be Club related.

Goals and non-goals

The Guide should be the place to go to if you need to know anything Chaos related and don’t really know where to find it.

We don’t want to host that information ourselves, i.e. we don’t want to be the primary source. Instead, we aim to provide links where possible.

If some information is not yet available in a place that can easily be linked to, we try to work with the relevant people to make it available and then link to it. In the meantime, we might provide a preliminary version ourself.

Where it makes sense, we also aim to provide quick overviews over a topic, always backed up by links to the original sources. However, we also want the Guide to be accessible to as many people as possible. It should therefore be understandable for people new to the community, but also actively try to overcome barriers to entry as well as accessibility issues.

Getting notified of updates

There are several ways to be notified of updates to the Guide.

Starting with the least nerdy one: Follow us on Mastodon. All changes larger than “fixed a few typos” will be announced there, in a handwritten post with links to additional details.

If you don’t have a fediverse account, but an RSS reader, you can also follow the Mastodon account via RSS.

Speaking of RSS, you can also track changes to the source repo via RSS. The feed contains a short summary for each change and links to a “diff” view where you can see the changes in detail.

Finally, on the “very nerdy” side of the spectrum, you can simply regularly pull the source repo and diff it yourself or whatever.

Let us know if you’d like to see other ways of staying up to date!

The “team”

Currently, the Chaos Guide is made by scy and nobody else.

That’s because it is a very new project. The plan is to find a small team of people who are interested in maintaining the Guide together at this year’s Camp. If nobody is interested, I’ll continue to maintain it on my own.

However, I am very open to requests and contributions by anybody! Find out how to contribute.


All content in the Chaos Guide is licensed under the terms of the CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication. In other words, you can copy, modify and distribute it, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission. Of course we’d still appreciate if you link back to us or something. 😉

Code of conduct

We will adopt a code of conduct in the future, as soon as there’s not just a single person working on the project. Feel free to suggest one that you found particularly good.